Tuesday, September 30, 2008

.:.SimPle FoNdAnT CuPPies.:.

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This cuppies ordered by SaM from CAS, UUM.Tqvm, lepas ni order lagi nooo...

white + green + yellow - set A

white + chocolate + red - set B

.:.CaRRoT CaKe.:.

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My best friend A'yan ordered this carrot cake for HaRi RaYa...masa tengah bakaq harum semerbak baunya, so amacam a'Yan???

Carrot cheese cake
Topping with cream cheese
8 1/2"

.:.BarBie ChEEse CaKe.:.

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Happi BirThDay k.Long!!! Repeat ordered from my loyal customer, ita. Tqvm noooo...

Cheese cake
Topping with buttercream + piping jelly
8 1/2"

Friday, September 26, 2008

.:.ordered by ShiFa.:.

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Chips more cheese cake topping with sTrAwBeRRies...hemmm woohooo, tqvm shifa!!!

chips more cheese cake
topping with strawberries + piping jelly + buttercream

.:.uLtRaMaN 3.:.

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Muhammad NuR ImAn is 6, Hepi birthday dear!!! this cake ordered by my neber.

Chocolate sponge cake
buttercream + piping jelly
9 "

Thursday, September 25, 2008

.:.cMc RaYa.:.

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Kek CeKelaT RaYa ordered by...

k.fiza from Library UUM, tqvm.

k.zalinda UUM, tqvm.

Monday, September 22, 2008

.:.SaMpaI MaSa.:.

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.:.biskut raya @ kuih raya @ cookies.:.
bertenang dan bersabar naaaa....tinggai sikit ja lagi yang nk disiapkan, lepas ni LeGooooo.....

Sunday, September 21, 2008

.:.CaKeS! CaKeS! CaKeS!.:.

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.:.DaNisH AiRell is 2.:. This cake ordered by ayu, my neber...she wants spongebob and patrick on top of the cake for her lovely son...

he he he...alamak tertinggal 'h' pulak

Chocolate sponge cake
Topping : buttercream + piping jelly
Filling : bc + strawberry + chocolate
Size : 9" [2 kg]

.:.SaFiZan.:. Ordered by Safizan from UNIMAP for her birthday, hepi birthday ya!

Chocolate moist cake
Topping : Chocolate ganache
Size : 8"

.:.FariDaH.:.She ordered cake for her "AyAh birthday" bertuah sungguh dapat anak macam ni kan!!!

Vanilla sponge cake
Topping : Bc + blueberry + strawberry
Filling : Bc + strawberry
Size : 8"

.:.RaNi, bakedecorate2u.:.

.:.BiSkUt RaYa! HaRi RaYa!.:.

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.:. 240908 delivery date okiess.:.

.:.RaNi, bakedecorate2u.:.

Monday, September 15, 2008

.:.My DoLLy.:.

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woo hohoho....my dolly...SwEEt and SiMple. Interested??? kindly contact eMiLa

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